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This is not snark.  The events in this diary actually are happening and did happen.

The Oath Keepers took to their website and accused Bundy's top Security crew, Booda Bear, Ryan Paine & Jerry 'somebody' of being FBI infiltrators.  This happened roughly 24 hours after Bundy's top security crew, Booda Bear & his two underlings, Ryan & Jerry, kicked the Oath Keepers off the ranch and accused them of: "stealing' being "deserters," "traitors," committing "treason of the highest order" and learning that Ryan Paine said, on video, that the Oath Keepers were "lucky [they're] not getting shot in the back' for deserting the Bundy battlefield."

A typical FBI psy-op would plant “leaders” in every militia they could infiltrate. What those sorts of FBI agents or surrogates do is always “handled”. Some of the purported “leaders” of the militia at the ranch are doing exactly what any agent provocateur would do after having infiltrated the militia and claimed a role in leadership. Did you notice the massive ego about who is going to command who? Did you notice the drama in the tendency to speak of Oath Keepers as if we were a militia, which we are not. These militia “leaders” would judge us by battlefield standards even though there has not been a “battlefield” since April 12, 2014? They would shoot us for desertion? Really? That is amazing, and is the kind of bumbling consciousness which a conditioned and programmed special warfare officer or a federal agent would offer if he had to think on his feet of a sudden.

~ Oath Keeper website April 29, 2014

LMFAO ... "programmed special warfare officer or a federal agent would offer" ... the Oath Keepers are going to scare the crap out of those already paranoid militia at welfare-king Bundy's ranch.

Oath Keepers continued to plant their 'FBI infiltrators' seed and wrote:

I’ll confide something with you. Let us not be deceived about the real strength and power of the true American militia. Let us examine any militia which opposes the historic role of the Constitutional militia of the several States. Yesterday I had a longish phone conversation with Mike Vanderboegh, who was wanting to think-tank some stuff with me for concurrence in what we might do next to combat the idiocy being circulated presently. All you III%ers [3%ers -- dumb name they use collectively] listen-up. As Mike and I were talking about the situation I said something to which he replied, “Well, how do we know that they are the militia of the people?” I pondered that and thanked him for bringing it up

... We were suggesting that the FBI (and other related groups) firmly believes in creating its own opposition for purposes of controlling it from atop and within. The model is searchable online as “COINTELPRO”.  The fedgov infiltrates all social and cultural segments of America’s population. It is best to presume that the militias across America are all infiltrated. If you want to see the leadership of the co-opted militias currently at the Bundy ranch, you will have to search for a video put out to smear Oath Keepers.

(emphasis in bold by Oath Keepers not me)

To show they will not fall under the leadership of the 'FBI infiltrators,' they tell their readers that no matter what Booda Bear says and no matter what is right in front of their eyes  they, the Oathe Keepers are still at the Bundy ranch :
Know this. Oath Keepers has a contingent on the ground there right now working in an Oath Keepers-directed security op. I’m told my good friend from Kalispell, Montana, Brother Paul Stramer, is down there with equipment for comms at present. And Sheriff Mack sends me this word regarding the continuing stream of Sheriffs who will come to the ranch to stand with the Bundys:  

I spoke with SR yesterday. There were no wounded. Bundys are still happy with all help. Yes, we are still sending in Sheriffs. Christopher will be there tomorrow.” - Sheriff Mack to Elias Alias [Oath Keepers] April 28 2014

(italics by Oath Keepers but bold emphasis by me)

OMG!!! Sheriff Mack wrote "There were no wounded."  -- there were no wounded because it's a pretend war!

By the way, Sheriff Mack is the chickenshit whose strategy was to use women and daughters as human shields so they could get shot first.

MACK: “It was a tactical plot ... tactically speaking, if they’re going to start killing people, I’m sorry, but to show the world how ruthless these people are, women needed to be the first ones shot ...I would have put my own wife or daughters there, and I would have been screaming bloody murder to watch them die ... But the best ploy would be to have had women at the front. Because, one, I don’t think they would have shot them. And, two, if they had, it would have been the worst thing that we could have shown to the rest of the world, that these ruthless cowards hired by the federal government will do anything.”
On the Oath Keeper's facebook page someone asked who the guy in the video was that said Oath Keepers were lucky they weren't shot in the back. Oath Keeper replied:
That is Ryan Payne[,] who the leader of the III% movement, Mike Vanderboegh, recognized immediately as a Govt plant. Read what Mike has to say about him in the article posted further up in the comments. He tried, we tried, to warn the Bundys about this man. They are trying to drive the OK [Oath Keepers] off the ranch because we are the only thing preventing a raid on them by the Feds that is going to come from the inside, just like they did to Ed and Elaine Brown years ago when they refused to pay taxes. They posed as supporters, got inside their home, and arrested them. Right now, the OKs are what is preventing that. We are still at the ranch running patrols and security to protect the Bundys from the snakes in their midst.

(emphasis in bold is mine)

ooooooowwwww ... we don't like them "Govt plants" -- be afraid, be very afraid.

The Oath Keepers, I guess, are trying to get 'welfare ranch privileges' back so they're sucking up to the criminal old man Bundy like crazy and on their website they wrote:

We understand that the Bundy affair is classic and that Mr. Bundy himself is a patriarch of our American heritage and as such he is to be protected by the people at all costs.

(emphasis mine)

LMFAO ... Bundy "a patriarch of our American heritage ... he is to be protected by the people at all costs."

You can't make this crap up.

These are groups of people who are completely detached from reality and whose entire lives swirl around paranoid fantasy and fear.  That's what allows them to completely reject the actual words of the US Constitution and proclaim that the US Government is not sovereign, states are not sovereign but we are sovereign citizens.  And, more importantly, it is what allows them to hate real America, wage war with real America and 'love' the non-existent America that they've created in their own minds. (There's a good write-up on what it anti-American, fake patriots mean by the term 'sovereign citizen' here.)

Gawker has a video of Ryan Paine explaining why he's a sovereign citizen
(timestamp 4:41)

RYAN PAINE: The Supreme Court has ruled that the citizens are the sovereign in America. The state is not the sovereign, the Federal Government is not the sovereign. The citizen is the sovereign. You can't trespass on the citizen.
To summarize:

One group, the militia, are telling their followers that 'Oath Keepers are not at the ranch and won't be let back on the ranch' -- while at the same time and without any photographic proof at all -- the Oath Keepers tell their followers 'don't believe your own eyes, it's those militia FBI infiltrators deceiving you, not your eyes we are still at the ranch and will stay at the ranch' and, naturally, their followers believe them. SMH.

Pssst ... they're not really at the ranch.  How do I know this?

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 07:03 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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